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The news presented at Digital Army aims to present facts and ask the right questions, without using insulting language, fighting, forcing opinions, or making claims. We will be developing facilities in California, Arizona, Texas, and Florida. Ownership at Digital Army will be chosen from members within our community. Are you skilled in photo, film, media, etc?

Digital Army has done the necessary foundational work to ensure success in a variety of industries (corporations, licensing, facilities, equipment, etc.). We are looking for like minded folk to assist in building a better future. You can apply for ownership of Digital Army, regional exclusivity of our audience in a particular region(s), or choose from a number of industries we are entering (see list of business). Oath takers can apply individually or for their business.

Please understand, this not a paying job. We are looking for skilled (well deserving) oath takers to be awarded ownership of Digital Army, given access to new equipment, and access to capital. Those chosen for ownership at Digital Army will participate in ownership of all brands moving forward.

That being said, it will be necessary that Digital Army have a full-scale production team in house. Our first mission is developing that team. 

Below are a few links to choose from: a portal leading to ownership or regional exclusivity application, a #TakeTheOath selection, downloadable .pdf files reviewing the equipment available to those selected for ownership, and a notifications only option for those only interested in enjoying the show.

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Who is Digital Army?

We started as a group of ‘digital soldiers’ (primarily first responders…RNs, NPs, and MDs). Inspired by messages published by online truth-seekers, we began our own research. Together, we woke up and our community has grown to 200+ million worldwide.

Digital Army will not only be covering unethical corporations, the MSM, and dirty politicians; our medical professionals (from around the globe) will be going LIVE with the truth about the coronavirus, masks, vaccines, your foods, etc.

Furthermore, we have worked alongside the great awakening developing 15+ brands. These brands cover a variety of industries and will be further developed by our community. Ownership of all brands will be chosen from our community of digital soldiers.

Together, we will learn [who] has been running our world, the truth behind [their] sick agenda, and the power [they] have been hiding from us for centuries. #FightBack

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