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Digital Army has pulled together more than $2 million in funds and equipment to develop a real news network for digital soldiers, by digital soldiers. The news presented at Digital Army aims to present facts and ask the right questions, without using insulting language, fighting, forcing opinions, or making claims. We will be developing facilities in California, Arizona, Texas, and Florida. Ownership at Digital Army will be chosen from members within our community. Are you skilled in photo, film, media, etc? Help us grow our Digital Army.

Digital Army is now accepting applications for ownership or development in your region. Individuals qualify who have taken the oath, are interested in the profession, and/or currently skilled in the profession. Oath takers with businesses in place can apply to service our community in their region.

Digital Army has done the necessary foundational work needed in a variety of industries (corporations, licensing, facilities, equipment, etc.). You can apply for a skilled profession within Digital Army or choose from a number of industries we are entering (see list of business). Oath takers can apply individually or for their business.

The mission at Digital Army is to create a platform the community can organize and develop together, without the worry of censorship. If those are things you believe in, join us today.

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Who is Digital Army?

We started as a group of “digital soldiers” (primarily first responders…RNs, NPs, and MDs). Inspired by messages published by online truth-seekers, we began our own research. Together, we woke up and our community has grown to 200+ million worldwide.

Digital Army has acquired all the necessary items to have a full-scale production team “in house”. Going further, a handful of digital soldiers have come together and are learning how to operate this professional equipment. We are developing a real news network, however, more soldiers are needed (application). We look for participation from our community on all future stories, uncovering of additional connections, facts, etc. This madness ends on our watch! 

Digital Army will not only be covering unethical corporations, the MSM, and dirty politicians; our medical professionals (from around the globe) will be going LIVE with the truth about the coronavirus, masks, vaccines, your foods, etc.

Furthermore, we have worked alongside the great awakening developing 15+ brands covering a variety of industries. Ownership of all brands will be chosen from our community of digital soldiers.

Together, we will learn [who] has been running our world, the truth behind [their] sick agenda, and the power [they] have been hiding from us for centuries. #FightBack.

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